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The 18th Russian international exhibition for equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industries

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April 16, 2018, Shan Dong LanDa Petroleum Equipment LLC. participated in the 18th international exhibition for equipment and technologies for the oil and gas industries held at the ruby international exhibition center in Moscow, Russia.

This exhibition is a large oil and gas exhibition organized by the Dusseldorf exhibition company. More than 1, 000 equipment vendors participated in the exhibition. More than 20,000 professionals from around the world visited the exhibition in four days.

LanDa petroleum mainly shows the solid control equipment and cuttings recycling equipment and technology. At present, the solid control equipment focuses on the development of sand removal, mud removal, degassing equipment, etc. with small footprint, high efficiency, long life equipment, and high-speed centrifuge integration, Automatic detection and control system based on test results, Although oil production is declining in old west Siberia, but the exploration potential in the west Siberian basin is still very high. Its deep strata and northern regions are almost entirely new areas of exploration. In general, Russia is abundant in oil resources, and have big growth potential, It means that Russia's potential for new drilling in the future is huge with oil prices recover, Therefore, there is great potential for the demand of the solid control equipment.

In this exhibition, expansion the popularity of LanDa petroleum in industry, to raise international awareness of us, At the same time, we also know the advanced technology of the world in the field of environmental protection equipment. In this exhibition we have achieved good results.

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