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SSC Double Plug Cement Head

SSC Double Plug Cement Head

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1. Capable of holding top and bottom plugs simultaneously. Used for cementing with top and bottom plugs, or for continuous two-stage cementing.

2. Quick installation casing adapter at bottom is good for convenient fixing of cement head and casing head.

3. Two plug release indicator reveals visual indication of plug passing.

4. Large ID of plug container and balance pipe designing allows easy open of plug retain pins.

Technical Parameters

mm Specifications, (in)Φ139.7 (5 1/2")Φ177.8 (7")Φ193 .7 (7 5/8")Φ244.5 (9 5/8")Φ273 (10 3/4")Φ339.7 (13 3/8")
mm Overall-Length, mm195020202020236023602440
Manifold 2" Union
mm I.D. of Plug Container, mmΦ125Φ160Φ175Φ225Φ250Φ320
mm Length of Plug Container,mm400450450550550600
MPa Working Pressure, MPa35,5035,5035,5035,503535
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