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ZSC Drill Pipe Cement Head

ZSC Drill Pipe Cement Head

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1.Main part is made with high strength alloy steel. High pressure resistant.

2.Plug release indicator reveals visual indication of plug passing.

3. Large ID of plug container allows easy open of plug retain pins.

4. Design of lifting sub used to lift cement head and pipe string with elevator.

Technical Parameters

Size, mm Specifications, (in)Φ139.7 (5 1/2")Φ168 (6 5/8")Φ177.8 (7")Φ194 (7 5/8")Φ244.5 (9 5/8")Φ273 (10 3/4")Φ339.7 (13 3/8")
Overall Length, mm1460150015001550175017501780
Manifold 2"Union
I.D. of Plug Container, mmΦ125Φ150Φ160Φ175Φ225Φ250Φ320
Length of Plug Container, mm400450450450550550600
Working Pressure, MPa35,5035,5035,5035,5035,503535
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