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HSC-A Hydraulic Stage Cementer

HSC-A Hydraulic Stage Cementer

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The HSC-A Hydraulic-Opening stage cementer features inner-closing configuration, opening through pressure difference. The closing plug drivers the closing sleeve to shut the circulation ports.

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Hydraulic Stage Cementer

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1. Opening pressure can be adjusted and it is not subjective to hole angle or mud properties for operation.

2. The pressure-relief design prevents fluid trapping and compression during the opening phase of the tool's operation.

3. The I.D.of upper/lower sub is the same as that of casing,but smaller than that of closing sleeve,which can minimize chances of damages to the closing sleeve.

4. The inner seats are made of an easily drillable rubber/aluminum material. Both the opening and closing seats lock against rotation for easy drillout.

Technical Parameters

Max OD., (mm)Ø170Ø208Ø283Ø381
Drill- out I.D., (mm)Ø122Ø155Ø220Ø315
Overall Length, (mm)1082118212221280
Rated Load,(T)140170210300
Sealing Capacity, (MPa)25252525
Opening Pressure, (MPa)13131314
Closing Pressure, (MPa)5555
Lower Sliding Sleeve I.D.,(mm)Ø85Ø115Ø176Ø203
Upper Sliding Sleeve I.D., (mm)Ø95Ø125Ø197Ø285
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