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Stage Collar Accessories

Stage Collar Accessories

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The accessories of MSC/HSC Stage Cementer include a first-stage plug, free-fall opening plug, closing plug, shut-off baffle and pumping-down opening plug. Being made of rubber or aluminum, these parts are easily drillable.


1. The shut-off baffle is installed in the casing collar, one joint above the float collar.

2. The first-stage plug is used to isolate the first-stage cement and drilling fluid. On the end of displacement, the first-stage plug lands and effects a seal against the shut-off baffle.

3. Featuring streamline shape and filled with lead, the free-fall opening plug can quickly free-fall to the lower sliding sleeve. When pressure is applied to the casing, it can open the circulation ports.

4. The closing plug is used to isolate the second-stage cement and drilling fluid. When running to the upper sliding sleeve, it effect a seat in the stage cementer. Pressure is applied to the casing and the circulation ports are closed.

5. The pump-down opening plug is used for continuous cementing operation and in deveated wells. It can open the circulation ports directly and quickly, where an the free-fall opening plug needs longer time waiting for falling.

Main Parameter
TypeStab-in float shoesStab-in float collarConnection
ODHODHSuitable for casing sizes
5 1/2 153.65105-1/2 LCSG5-1/2
13 3/836571536584013-3/8 BCSG13-3/8
16431.8715431.883016 BCSG16
2053378053384020 BCSG20
24610915 Welded24
TypeOD mm(inch)ID mm(inch)OAL mm(inch)Connection
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