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Brine corrosion inhibitor BA1-10

Brine corrosion inhibitor BA1-10

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In the process of oil and gas transferring pipeline severe corrosion happens frequently, in addition to the overall corrosion, hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) will happen also corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, etc. The transferring corrosion inhibitor is suitable for high chlorine ion and low bicarbonate ions that caused by metal corrosion. The oil well tube and transferring line form a protective film on the metal surface and prevents the corrosive materials for oil field oil well and pipeline corrosion of metal.

Technical Data

Safety Precautions

Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.




■Gathering pipeline system

■sewage disposal

■Oil well corrosion protection

Features and Benefits

■Excellent Corrosion protection performance

◆Minimizes the risk of damage caused by corrosion


◆Chloride ion corrosion prevention

◆Hydrogen sulfide corrosion prevention

◆Offers customized products


◆Dissolves easily in water