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Acid corrosion inhibitor BA1-11

Acid corrosion inhibitor BA1-11

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HCl of any strength has an undesirable reaction on steel. The amount of damage will depend upon contact time, acid strength, and temperature conditions. As bottom hole temperatures increase, the effectiveness of many moderate temperature acid inhibitors decreases below desirable protection levels. The corrosive action of acid on steel at high bottom-hole temperatures can be greatly reduced at temperatures up to 220℃(428°F) by adding BA1-11 to the acid mixture.

Technical Data

Safety Precautions

Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.




■Matrix acidizing stimulation operations

■Fracture acidizing stimulation operations

■Wellbore cleaning with acid formulations

Features and Benefits

■Excellent high-temperature metal corrosion protection

◆Reduces acid corrosion rates on common oilfield tubulars, including coiled tubing and chrome alloys

◆Minimizes the risk of damage to tubulars and downhole equipment


◆Improves design flexibility because it works in virtually all strengths of hydrochloric acid and mixtures of hydrochloric-hydrofluoric and hydrochloric-organic acids

◆Offers customized and optimized inhibition for a broad range of temperatures


◆Disperses easily in all acid-based fluids