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Foaming Agent(F-2)

Foaming Agent(F-2)

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The use of gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and natural gases are advantageous to the oil industry. They are used in production to lift liquids to the surface. Gases are used to assist in the removal of treating fluids from the well and formation to minimize the volume of liquid that a formation is subjected to during treatment and can be use to divert treatments to obtain complete coverage of a zone. Foaming agents are used in gas and liquid mixture to form a stable liquid/gas emulsion thereby making the mixture one complete fluid.

F-2 is a foaming agent formulated for fracturing applications using water, acid, brines or methanol/water as the base fluid. F-2 is designed to provide a stable foam with excellent proppant transport properties and low fluid loss. It also reduces surface tension of the fluid for optimum fluid recovery.

Technical Data

Safety Precautions

Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.




■Suitable for fracturing fluid and acidizing fluid

■Suitable for drainage gas recovery

Features and Benefits

■Excellent foaming performance

◆Temperature resistant capacity up to 150℃

◆High resistant capacity for Sodium chloride or calcium chloride brines

◆High resistant capacity for condensate oil


◆Offers customized products


◆Dispersed easily in water