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Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger BA1-40

Hydrogen Sulfide Scavenger BA1-40

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Hydrogen sulfide is highly flammable, toxic when inhaled, and strongly irritates the eyes and other mucous membranes. The presence of H2S in gas or liquid streams presents many environmental and safety concerns. The problem of removing or reducing H2S from hydrocarbon or aqueous substrates can be solved by using H2S scavenger BA1-40. Experiments show that the H2S scavenger BA1-40 may be used to treat aqueous or hydrocarbon substrates that are rendered “sour” by the presence of sulfhydryl compounds, such as H2S, mercaptans, thiols carboxylic acid.

Technical Data

Safety Precautions

Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.




■Suitable for removal of hydrogen sulfide from natural gas

■Suitable for removal of hydrogen sulfide in gathering pipeline

■Suitable for removal of hydrogen sulfide in gathering pipeline

■Suitable for acidizing reservoirs of ferric sulfide

Features and Benefits

■Excellent remove of hydrogen sulfide performance

◆Excellent performance in gas and liquid


◆Offers customized products


◆Dispersed easily in water and acid