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Self-Suspending Proppant  BA1-4

Self-Suspending Proppant BA1-4

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Because hydraulic fracturing (frac) sand and ceramic proppants fall out of the frac fluid before reaching the fracture tip, Need to additives to improve the viscosity of fracturing fluid. The self-suspending proppant BA1-4 resists settling out of low-viscosity fluids. BA1-4 is a kind of gravel or ceramsite proppant with coated layer, which can swell in water and effectively reduce the proportion of proppant. Under the action of the hydrogel coating layer, the proppant can be uniformly distributed in the fracturing fluid. BA1-4 expands the migration radius of proppant, and increases the production area of reservoir.

Technical Data

Safety Precautions

Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.




■Fracture stimulation operations for Sandstone

■Fracture stimulation operations for shale

■Fracture stimulation operations for coal seam

Features and Benefits

■Excellent self suspension performance

◆Self suspension in clean water in3 minutes

◆Suspending state for 24 hours


◆Improves design flexibility because it works in different types of fracturing

◆Offers customized products


◆Compatible with various fracturing additives