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Circulation Head with Union Female Sub

Circulation Head with Union Female Sub

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Circulation head (circulation swage) a special joint used to circulate drilling fluid, connecting to the kelly or drill pipe, the bottom connects to the casing during casings are running or after. Depends on request, there are drill pipe thread circulation head, casing thread circulation head, union thread circulation head. Its top end connects to drill pipe via drill pipe thread, or connects to the hose, the bottom connects to casing joint via casing BTC (LTC/STC).


1. Its upper end is drill pipe box or union, the nether end is casing pin. It is a crossover(X/O) with hollow inside.

2. Main body are made from heat treated alloy steel. Connected with union by internal and external argon arc welding, high strength, resistance to high pressure, safety and reliability.

Confirmation when order:

1) Overall length and length of neck.

2) Thread type of top end.

3) Thread type of bottom end.


Hammer union box sub * Casing thread pin,

Hammer union box sub * Drill pipe pin,

Drill pipe thread box * casing thread pin


20”, 18-5/8”, 13-3/8”, 10-3/4”, 9-5/8”, 7-5/8”, 7”, 6-5/8”, 5-1/2”, 5”, 4-1/2”, 4”

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