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Slip-on stop collar with set screws

Slip-on stop collar with set screws

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Stop collar can be installed on any position of casing to limit the axial movement of centralizers and cement baskets, which ensures the positions of centralizers or cement basket to meet the design.

The stop collars are available in three types: Set Screw Type, Spiral Nail Type and Snap-fit Type. There are hinged and slip-on styles and they can fit 4-1/2” to 20”+ any size pipe.

Usage Method

1). Slip-on stop collar with set screw, first set into the casing, and then using a wrench to tighten the set screws.

2). Hinged stop collar with spiral nail, first set into the casing, and then insert spiral nails, hammer to latch.

3). Snap fit stop collar, first set into the casing, stab the pin into the ring, latch by hammering the pin.

Product Features

It is single piece collar that uses one or two row of set screws to induce the gripping force. It is used where high axial loads are expected, and is effective where low annular clearance is encountered. This Stop Collar is easy to install because it simply slides onto the casing. These Stop Collars undergo a special phosphate coating process to prevent corrosion and are then coated with a special polyester powder. The product is available in all sizes ranging from 4 ½“ to 20”.

Technical Parameters

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