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Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nail

Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nail

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The Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar comprises of two parts and hinged at two ends making an angle of 180 degree. This hinged Stop Collar has an internal groove and these are available in 4 1/2 " to 20 " sizes+ any sizes in which a spiral locking pin is inserted. This tightens the collar to the casing firmly.

It can be latched on the casing pipe without having to be slipped on. This cementing product is easy to install and most effective where annual low clearance received. The stop collars are coated with to polyester powder which prevents it from getting rust.


Hinged stop collar with nail consists of collars and 2 nails, collars made of carbon steel. Used to hold centralizers or cement baskets on any position of casing, which ensures the positions of centralizers or cement basket to meet the design.

FIG. Spiral Nail Stop Collar 1. Nail 2. Collar 3. Pin


1) The stop collars can be installed on any position on casing to limit the axial movement of centralizers and cement baskets.

2) Easy to fix and uninstall.


1. Check the surface of stop collar before using. Ensure the nail and collar with no shatter and no distortion during the transportation .

2. Mount stop collar on the casings. Stab in and fold the tail of pins, protect pins falling off.

3. Stab in nails and hammer them to proper depth.

4. Stop collars must be used in accordance hole size.

5. Don’t open the box without using. Deposited in drying rooms, avoid contact corrosive things.

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