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Production logging (anti sulfuration) logging cable  W3BP—8.0/W3FP—8.0

Production logging (anti sulfuration) logging cable W3BP—8.0/W3FP—8.0

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W3BP—8.0/W3FP—8.0 Cable structure dimensions are as follows:

ItemProcessStructure or Process thickness(mm)Diameter(mm)
2Import PP/FEPCable core0.451.86

3Armor Inner0.8×196

RemarkThe armor adopts high toughness/stainless steel wire, galvanized steel wire, low sulfur, the steel wire

W3BP—8.0/W3FP—8.0 Cable performance:

ItemProject Standards
120 ℃ conductor dc resistance ≤Ω/km36
220℃insulation resistance line between core and armoured ≥MΩ.km200/500
3High temperature insulation resistance: 150℃/200℃ for 2h, line between the core and armored ≥MΩ.km5
4High temperature and high pressure insulation resistance: 150℃/ 200℃,66.6/117.6 Mpa 1h,line between core over the ground ≥MΩ.km2.5
5Ac withstand voltage test: the line between the core and armoured 50HZ 5min V1000
6Capacitance test: a core for the rest of the core sheathed; Frequency of 800-1000 HZ≤μf/Km0.18
7Cable tensile force ≥KN45
8The maximum recommended work tension KN30
9Cable extension rate per thousand ≤‰1
10Cold resistance crack resistance test: test bar 10 times wire core diameter winding don't crack℃-30
11Heat resistance level ℃150/232