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Drilling fluid desilter

Drilling fluid desilter

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Desilter is the three-stage solid control equipment in the drilling fluids recycling system. Based on the cyclone diameter, desilters can be used for cleaning sand and mud respectively. The diameter of Desilter less than 6” usually used for cleaning mud in the drilling fluid, and the most common cyclones are 5″ and 4″ in diameter, which are commonly used to separate the solid phase particles with size of 15-47 μm. We can provide the combinations of cyclone according to the fluid capacity of the customers. Our desilter are widely used for solid separation in vertical drilling, horizontal drilling and directional drilling.

Product Description

Type: The GNZS703 series of large bottom flow vibrating screen with 3 mesh screen mesh area is about 2.6 square meters.

Corresponding model:ZJ703F-D8N/ ZJ703F-D12N/ ZJ703F-D16N

Application domain: Large oil drilling RIGS, large non-excavation drilling RIGS, shield tunneling projects, river dredging works, etc.

Feature:·Large quantity

·The treated cuttings are very dry

Technical Parameters

Capacity120/240m³/h(528/1056GPM)360m³/h 240/360m³/h
size of the mud cyclone.4″
quantity of mud cyclones.8/12 sets16 sets12/16 sets
working pressure0.25~0.4Mpa
Inlet sizeDN150
Outlet sizeDN200
· Match bottom flow screen parameters.Bottom sieve typeZS752EZS703FN/A
vibration locusstraight line
Vibrating motor power2×0.75Kw2×1.72Kw
Number of mesh2 Panels3 Panels
screen mesh size750×900mm700×1250mm
sieving area1.35m²2.63 m²
The intensity of vibration≤7.1G(adjustable)≤7.5G(adjustable)
Sieve box adjustment Angle.+2°-1~+5°
explosion-proof criteriaExdIIBt4/IECEX/A-TEX
boundary dimension (mm)1676×1745×17192419×2150×16082419×2150×21262189×900×1511