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Drilling fluid shear pump

Drilling fluid shear pump

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The molecular weight of the polymer used in the mud is high. Direct addition is not easy to hydrate. If don't shear it sufficiently, In the first cycle, the polymer can clog the sieve mesh. It will lose a lot of polymer, Increase drilling cost, It is also possible to make the large-size solid particles in drilling fluid hard and difficult to remove; In drilling fluid, the polymer produces a lot of "fisheye" because it is not shear sufficiently, These "fish eyes" can harm the formation, reduce the formation permeability, reduce oil and gas production, Therefore, it is necessary to pre-shear the polymer, then enter the drilling fluid system and improve the performance of the drilling fluid, so as to fully play its role. Shear pump can provide high shear efficiency, accelerate polymer dilution and hydration process. We have improved research and development of shear pump on the basis of studied a large number of domestic and foreign shear pumps,a perfect shear and hydration system is formed, which can rapidly shear and dilute the polymer.

Product Description

1. A unique and developed comprehensive mechanical seal technology is adopted, novel and chic design, the first sealing performance at home and abroad is advanced , the operation is reliable, and the service life is long.

2. It greatly improves the hydration degree of polymer particles, and can save bentonite more than 30%.

3. High - shear strength for rapid hydration of polymer (or clay), to solve the problems of polymer (or clay) in the drilling fluid because of the poor hydration

4. Reduced mud pie and fluid loss, Reduce the rate of drilling fluid shear rate, Increase the gel strength, Reached the advanced level of foreign products

Technical Parameters

Drilling fluid shear pump