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Mud agitator

Mud agitator

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The mud agitator can effectively mix the drilling fluid mud, and any drilling system needs drilling fluid agitator. The mud mixer is divided into vertical mud agitator and horizontal mud agitator according to the specific site requirements. Vertical mud mixer uses planetary reducer, It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, high bearing capacity, long service life, stable operation, low noise, large output torque, high speed ratio, high efficiency and safe performance. Horizontal mud agitator uses worm gear reducer, It has the characteristics of compact structure, compact size and small efficiency.

JQB series mud agitator is composed of motor (explosion-proof motor), reducer, base, connecting shaft, stirring rod and stirring impeller. The mixing impeller can be made into a single layer or double layer according to the solid liquid ratio of the mud. The material can also used ordinary carbon steel or stainless steel. The surface of mud agitator is sprayed with high corrosion resistant paint to make it suitable for various working conditions.

We have many years of production experience of mud mixer, we can provide you with suitable horizontal mud mixer or vertical mud agitator according to your actual working condition.

Product Description

1.Easy to install, flexible, superior performance, easy to maintain.

2.The input shaft of the motor and reducer is connected through the coupling, which is not driven by the belt, and the stirring speed is constant.

3.Good heat exchange performance, fast heat dissipation, suitable for the complex working conditions such as field drilling project.

4.In drilling fluid solid liquid ratio must be under certain conditions. JBQ series drilling fluid mixers have the advantages of larger mixing strength, wider range and higher performance than the same products in the case of drilling fluid solid solution.

5.The motor of mud drilling fluid mixer is made by famous domestic manufacturers. Small noise, durable.

6.Disassembly installation and operation maintenance is simple and convenient.

Technical Parameters

motor power5.5KW(7.5hp)7.5KW(10hp)11KW(15hp)15KW(20hp)
impeller rotating speed60/72rpm60/72rpm60/72rpm60/72rpm
Standard single impeller diameter850mm950mm1050mm1100mm
Standard double impeller diameterN/Aup:800mm
reduction ratio25:125:125:125:1
boundary dimension1070x610x5901160x680x6101300x690x6901470x890x750
Stirring shaft lengthAccording to the depth inside the tank.
electrical system380V/50HZ or 460V/60HZ or Other electrical system
remarkExplosion-proof motor can be provided, stirring shaft centring sleeve, impeller can be customized.

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