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Drying Shaker

Drying Shaker

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Drying Shakers is used in processing cuttings. It is the first phase solids control equipment in the drilling fluids recycling system, which plays an important role in the waste drilling mud treatment. With a stable and durable drying shaker, it brings to customer both the economical and the environmental benefits.

Brightway is the first one to bring in technology and patent from America. Brightway’s drying shaker is the first generation of high frequency shale shaker according with international standard which has special structure and stable processing result and gains more praise worldwide.

Brightway drying shaker is designed in linear motion and high vibration mode to achieve the expected separation effect.

Drying Shaker Features & Benefits


1. Design: Adopt ANSYS limited element analysis to optimize the structure.

2. Vibration frequency: Adjustable

3. Vibration motor: Italy OLI /American Martin, or according to customer requirement.

4. Material: Q235B from BAOSTEEL for body, and compound rubber spring used to reduce vibration.

5. Shock absorption: Select the tensile strength of composite rubber material, smooth operation & low noise.

6. Electrical control system: Explosion proof electrical system

7. Electrical components: ABB, Siemens, Schneider.

8. Treatment: With the process as pickling, galvanizing-assist, galvanizing, inactivation, fine-polishing . Anti-rust performance is much

better than the painting process, and protects live-span and improves the corrosion periods.

9. Shaker screen: Shale shaker screens can be replaced in minutes. Life cycle is much longer for every piece of screen.

10. Minimum and Easy Maintenance: With 2 footboards on the two side of the drying shaker for easy maintenance.


Drying shaker, the first choice of oilfield environmental waste drilling cuttings screening and drying, combined with USA advanced technology, winning the order quantity of 50 sets in USA and 2 sets for export to Russia, is the product which is firstly guided by the domestic and gains high customer recognition and bulk subscription.

1.High efficiency and varied frequency.

2.The capacity is 30% higher than that of the same product on equal conditions.

3.Less vulnerable spare parts, easy operation and maintenance.

Drying Shaker Display

New Type BWZS104G Drying Shaker

BWZS104G Drying Shaker

Drying Shaker Parameters