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Hydration Tank

Hydration Tank

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Landa can produce the mud tank, oil tank, water tank in recatangle design, round design and cone design according to customer requirements. Tank body adopts flat or corrugated structure panel, tank top/walkway/ladder with anti-slip iron panel or zinc plated iron panel, guardrail with square tube in foldable structure, washing pipes assembled for washing equipments and tank. The heat system and anti-sand & anti-rain camp can be assembled on the tank.

Hydration Tank Features & Benefits

High Efficiency Water Tank Advantages

1,Three big functions; a. ordinary slurry mixing function of. b. high efficiency rapid hydration function. c. slurry storage function.

2, Water efficiency is 3 times than ordinary slurry mixing tank.

3, Energy-saving speed is 1.5 times than ordinary slurry mixing tank.

4, The cost savings are less than common slurry mixing tank 25%.

5, The maintenance cost is the ordinary slurry mixing tank 25%.

Hydration Tank Display

Parameters of Hydration Tank