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centrifugal pump

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As we all know, centrifugal pump plays an important role in the mud solid control system of drilling platform. For the desander, desilter supply. for mixing equipment to provide power, etc. Centrifugal pump includes vertical centrifugal pump and horizontal centrifugal pump.

The centrifugal pump adopts axial suction structure. Horizontal or vertical structure. It is composed of motor, pump seat, pump shell and impeller. Using shear couplings (horizontal centrifugal pump) or plum flower coupling (vertical structure) connection. Mechanical or combined seal structure, using the main secondary impeller combination.

Our centrifugal pump is a new type matching pump designed for oil field drilling fluid. The impeller adopts unique runner design. Wide flow and smooth blade streamline design, increase the flow area, make fluid flow more smoothly. Pump efficiency and energy efficiency is 10% higher than similar products.

Product Description

The advantage of horizontal centrifugal pump :

1. Centrifugal pump seal is high - wear-resistant hard alloy mechanical seal, long sealing life

2. Bearing adopts imported bearing, the quality is more guaranteed.

3. Bearing lubricants are lubricants and grease two kinds of ways, the adaptability is strong, the service life is greatly lengthened.

4. The pump shell is thicker, and the turbulent flow is reduced to the minimum, the efficiency is higher, and the overall service life is improved.

5. Easy to operate and easy to maintain

6. All accessories and international well-known general brand (Mission) are interchanged to reduce the inventory of user parts and reduce the purchase cost of accessories.

7. The pump housing is designed with coaxial thickening, which reduces the vibration and wear in the pump operation, and extends the service life of the pump shell.

8. The pump shell is made of abrasion-resistant alloy ductile iron, which is more durable than the same pump shell.

9. Opening impeller design, Effectively reduce the bearing capacity of shaft and bearing, Prolong the service life of the bearing.

10. The impeller is made of abrasion-resistant alloy ductile iron, service life is longer than other pump impellers.

11. The impeller adopts anti - loose design to prevent damage to the centrifugal pump when it inversion.

12. Adopt high quality mechanical seal to prevent leakage and reduce maintenance time.

13. Replaceable shaft sleeve, prevent shaft wear.

14. Bearings used international famous brand bearing, stable operation, long service life.

15. The centrifugal pump base adopts integral casting base to replace the welding base of peers. The operation is more stable and the service life of centrifugal pump is extended.

Technical Parameters

Centrifugal Pump
PRODUCT NAMECentrifugal PumpRATED SPEED1450 r/min
MIX WEGHT400Kg[NPSH](m)2.5






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