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KB-75 Mud pump Discharge Pulsation Dampener

KB-75 Mud pump Discharge Pulsation Dampener

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API Standard Mud Pump Liner

ISO9001/2000 QC

Competitive Price with high quality

OEM interchangeable

We make W-446/440 MUD PUMP, F500 MUD PUMP, F800 MUD PUMP, F1000 MUD PUMP, F1300/1600 MUD PUMP,Gardner Denver PZ-9, PAH-275 MUD PUMP.

We make all fluid end modules, Ceramic liners, Hy-chrome liners, rubber replaceable and bonded urethane pistons and all spares for popular brand mud pumps.

All our fluid end parts are manufactured to API 7K quality standards. Our API certificate number is7K-0261.

Parts are available and 100% complete interchangeable for these popular brands:

National Oilwell; Gardner Denver; Weatherford International /Ellis Williams,

Mud King; American Manufacturing; Baker SPD;

Southwest Overseas; Emsco;

BOMCO/Baoji ; LS National; Ideco ; Wirth; OPI;

Wilson; Gaso; Skytop/Brewster; Drillmec

Technical Parameters

specificationsMWPmaximum volumeMaximum pre-inflation pressure.weight(Kg)
KB-7535 MPa75L4.5MPa615
KB-4535 MPa45L4.5 MPa447.5