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Bent axle

Bent axle

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SeriesModelTypeMainly usedMaterialMatch
152F, 154F,168FB, 170FA,173F, 182F,190F101External ThreadWater PumpSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
201Flat Key ShaftPowerSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
301Taper ShaftGeneratorSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
401Rectangular Spline ShaftFarming MachineSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
501Involute Spline Shaft1/2 ReducerSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
601Reversal ShaftOtherSteel/Ductile Ironpiston pump
Others156F,172F,180F,186F,192F,168 Gasoline Change Diesel,SH12329-01,2V78-301 ...
MOREYou can customize a variety of crankshafts according to your requirements.