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Applicable object:

The main treatment objects include pesticide-contaminated soil, oil-field oily waste, and tank bottom sludge.

Business scope:

Landa focuses on TPS technology, and its main business includes contaminated site investigation and risk assessment, thermal desorption equipment construction, on-site technical guidance and service.

Technical advantages:

TPS technology fully utilizes the thermal instability of organic matter in sludge and contaminated soil to realize the separation of pollutants and soil by indirect heating, and in the end the oil phase, water phase, solid phase and gas phase in the waste are fully recovered.

Technical process:

1. The screening system screens large pieces of sludge and soil to prevent large particles from entering the feeding system.

2. The transmission system transports the waste into the heating spiral for indirect heating.

3. The heating system separates the organic matter from the solid phase, and the spray system liquefies the gas phase into the oil-water separation system, and the non-condensable gas is sent to the chimney and the burner for combustion through the high-pressure fan.

4. The oil-water separation system recycles the oil in the oil-water separator and further processes the water phase.

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